California Packing Corporation (now Del Monte Foods) commenced its operations in the Philippines under Philippine Packing Corporation (Philpak, now Del Monte Philippines, Inc.).
Philpak undertook first commercial planting on more than a thousand hectares of prime agricultural land.
The cannery received the first harvest of pineapples for processing.
Philpak felt the effects of the "Great Depression." The cannery was shut down and the plantation laid off most of its workers.
The Pacific War broke out. U.S. Army converted the pineapple fields into an airfield. Philpak shut down operations.
Rehabilitation of the plantation was completed. Replanting started by 1946 and the plantation delivered its first postwar harvest to the newly rebuilt cannery in 1948.
Pineapple became one of the Philippines' top 10 agricultural exports.
The Barrio Assistance Program, Philpak's community outreach and social responsibility program, was organized.
Philpak grew into one of the largest pineapple production sources in the world.
Tobacco giant RJR acquired Del Monte Foods.
Biscuit-maker Nabisco bought RJR. Del Monte Foods and Philpak became part of the RJR-Nabisco business.
Philpak changed its name to Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI).
Touted as the biggest leverage buyout at the time, KKR (Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts) won a bitter struggle for ownership of RJR-Nabisco. After the takeover, KKR sold Del Monte Foods to a consortium composed of Citicorp, Merrill Lynch, and Kikkoman in 1991.
Jan 1991
Del Monte Foods divested 49.9% of its interest in DMPI to Japan-based Kikkoman Corporation (15%) and to Europe-based Del Monte International (35%). Del Monte Foods retained a controlling 50.1% stake.
Mar 1996
Del Monte Foods and Kikkoman divested their entire interest. Following such divestment, MCI, Inc. and Del Monte International became joint controlling shareholders.
May 1999
Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL) was incorporated as the holding company of the group.
Aug 1999
DMPL was listed on the Singapore Exchange. MCI, Inc. and Del Monte International each held a 37.5% stake with the public holding the remaining 25%.
May 2000
The Company launched its over-the-counter American Depository Receipt program.
Nov 2000
The Company implemented a share buyback program.
Jan 2001
DMPI celebrated its 75th year in the Philippines.
Mar 2001
Italy-based Cirio SpA bought Del Monte International. Post Cirio acquisition, MCI, Inc. held on to 21% of DMPL shares while Cirio SpA increased its stake to approximately 40%. The rest of the shares remained public.
Dec 2005
Cirio SpA sold 29% of its stake to MCI, Inc. at US$0.3818/share bringing MCI's stake to almost 50%. MCI, Inc., in turn, sold its 50% stake to NutriAsia Pacific Ltd. at US$0.3862/share. This triggered a General Offer for the remaining 50% of the Company's shares.
Jan 2006
NutriAsia Pacific Ltd. reached an 85% stake after the close of the General Offer. The remaining 15% is held by the public.
July 2007 &
April 2008
NutriAsia Pacific Ltd reduced its stake to 78.7% to increase trading liquidity.
Jun 2013
Dual listing in the Philippines - 150 million secondary shares or 12% stake from NutriAsia Pacific sold at P26.40. NutriAsia Pacific's stake in DMPL is reduced to 67%
Feb 2014
Acquired the US Del Monte for US$1.675 billion
Dec 1985
Launched the Kitchenomics program, a relationship marketing program designed to generate loyal consumption of Del Monte products by providing nutritious, great-tasting economical recipes.
Mar 1993
Introduced the 202 juice drinks - handy single-serve beverage with a convenient pull-top opening.
Mar 1994
Set up Del Monte Foundation, Inc to initiate social and education programs for communities around the Plantation and Cannery.
Nov 1995
Launched the affordable stand-up pouch packaging for sauces.
Sep 1996
Philippine President Fidel Ramos inaugurates Cannery wastewater treatment plant.
Mar 1997
Implemented a new sales distribution system whereby the Company took over the servicing of key accounts.
Aug 2000
Expanded product offering for the US market to include the fruits in glass jars.
Oct 2003
Completed the Fruit Receiving area to enable the Cannery to process riper fruits.
Oct 2003
Awarded the 2003 Employer of the Year Award by the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines.
July 2004
Acquired a premium juice company in China, Great Lakes Fresh Foods and Juice Company Ltd.
Jan 2005
Acquired a food processing facility near Bangalore, India.
Mar 2006
New Management put in place.
Sep 2006
Launched Del Monte Fit 'n Right Juice Drinks in the Philippines, a breakthrough drink with fat-burning L-Carnitine.
June 2007
Our own Andrew Cabang from the Plantation Engineering Services was awarded The Outstanding Worker of the Republic (TOWER) by the Rotary Club of Manila. The TOWER Award honours skilled workers whose expertise, creative innovations and dedication exemplify the best in the Filipino worker.
Sep 2007
Acquired 40.1% stake in FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd., a venture with the Bharti group to develop the Indian market.
Oct 2007
Received the SSS Hall of Fame Award from the Philippines’ Social Security System for winning the SSS Kabalikat Ng Bayan Top Employer of the Year Award for the past three years.
Nov 2007
Obtained special economic zone status for certain parts of the business.
Nov 2007
Purchased the S&W brand rights globally ex-Americas, Australia and New Zealand.
Nov 2007
Re-launched the Del Monte Fit 'n Right Juice Drinks in PET format, the Company's first foray into PET packaging.
Feb 2008
Philippines 7-Eleven awarded Del Monte Fit' n Right as one of 2007 Innovative Products of the Year.
Apr 2008
First shipment of fresh pineapples under the S&W label delivered to Dubai.
June 2008
Del Monte Foundation, Inc launched the Jose Yao Campos Scholarship to extend free education to deserving children of employees and community residents.
Sep 2008
Sold China-based Great Lakes Fresh Foods and Juice Company Ltd.
Oct 2008
Our own Engineer Arthur Mencius Quiblat, Cannery Manager for Safety, Environment and Teams Administration was honoured with the Philippines’ highest individual award for occupational safety and health in the industrial sector.
Nov 2008
Conducted the first Organizational Climate Survey corporate-wide, generating significant feedback from employees.
Apr 2009
New Corporate Mission, Vision and Core Values in place.
May 2010 Del Monte Pacific was awarded three awards by the Singapore Corporate Awards: Best Managed Board (Gold), Best CFO and Best Annual Report (Bronze) for the mid-cap category.
Jul 2010 Del Monte Philippines was awarded one of the best brands in Asia by CMO Asia.
Aug 2010 Del Monte India's Zingo and Twango sauces won the India Star 2010 IIP Awards for their innovative packaging design.
Dec 2010 Commissioned a state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility in Southern India to produce Del Monte-branded culinary products and fruit drinks.
Jun 2011 Del Monte Philippines won the Gold at the 2011 Cannes Lion Festival Young Marketers competition.
Jul 2011 Del Monte Pacific bagged the Gold Award for Best Investor Relations (mid-cap category) at the 2011 Singapore Corporate Awards.
Jul 2012 Del Monte Pacific bagged the Bronze Award for Best Annual Report (mid-cap category) at the 2012 Singapore Corporate Awards.
Aug 2013 Del Monte Pacific bagged the Bronze Award for Best Annual Report (mid-cap category) at the 2013 Singapore Corporate Awards.
Jul 2015 Del Monte Pacific bagged the Gold Award for Best Managed Board (mid-cap category) at the 2015 Singapore Corporate Award

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