Del Monte Tomato Ketchup
, is 100% natural, with absolutely no preservatives! Comes in 4 varieties: Original Blend, Sweet Blend, Extra Rich, and Hot ‘n Spicy.

Also try our Banana Ketchup which is a tasty banana-based, sweet-spicy sauce.

Del Monte Sweet Tomato and Sweet Banana ketchups are now in an affordable pack for everyone to enjoy.

Del Monte Red Cane Vinegar comes from 100% pure cane vinegar, with no preservatives added. Premium vinegar that's best for salads, dips & dressings.
Products available only in Philippines.

Del Monte Tomato Paste is made from high quality tomato paste. It's a versatile substitute for fresh tomatoes. It makes dishes richer, redder, and thicker. Great for sautéing.

Products available only in Philippines.

Del Monte Tomato Sauce is 100% natural, made from real tomatoes. The perfect ingredient for cooking great dishes like hearty stews, delicious soups, marinades and many other favourite dishes. Comes in Original Style and Filipino Style.

Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce
comes in three variants. Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce has the perfect blend of seven secret herbs and spices, real Parmesan cheese, plus the flavour of real meat. The taste of Italy in your spaghetti! Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce has the sweet blend kids love. Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce has the right sweet-spicy taste that Filipinos enjoy.

Del Monte Gourmet Pasta Sauce comes in four delicious variants. The Gourmet Beef & Mushroom Pasta Sauce packs an exquisite aroma and robust flavors of handpicked mushrooms and prime beef. The Tomato & Cheese Pasta Sauce is lavished with juicy tomatoes, tasty Parmesan and sharp cheddar cheese. The Carbonara Sauce is made from premium cream, milk, cheese, spices and the taste of bacon, while the Spicy Tomato & Cream Sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, premium cream, milk, vinegar and spices. Pasta experience will never be the same again with these gourmet pasta sauces!

Del Monte Pizza Sauce
makes pizza preparation easy and fun for everyone, and comes in two variants. The Italian Pizza Sauce has the rich taste of premium tomatoes, blended with select spices of oregano, pepper, basil, onion and garlic for fancy Italian style pizzas. The Sweet Pizza Sauce is spiced up with oregano, pepper & onions and has the perfect sweet and spicy taste that kids love.

Del Monte Recipe Sauces are made from rich, thick tomato paste, select seasonings, spices and beef or pork flavour. Pre-mixed and pre-seasoned ready-to-use sauce for guaranteed delicious dishes every time! Perfect for novice cooks, newlyweds and young housewives. Comes in 4 varieties: Afritada, Caldereta, Mechado and Menudo.

Del Monte Sweet Sauces
- Liven up your meals with Del Monte Sweet Sauces. They're made with choice ingredients s o they're great for dipping and all-around cooking! Available in Sweet Chili and Sweet 'n Sour variants.
Products available only in Philippines.
Del Monte Quick n Easy Mixes come in six sought after variants - Curry, Gata, Kare-Kare, Sweet & Sour, Gravy and Breading Mix - for easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious meals.

Del Monte Quick n Easy Instant Marinade is a versatile, flavored soy-sauce based product enhanced with spices and tenderizers. Can be used as a marinade for fried and barbecued meat dishes, as seasoning for sautèing and for all-around cooking.
Products available only in Philippines.

Del Monte Pasta is derived from Semolina which is milled from durum wheat without artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. Our delicious pasta comes in spaghetti, salad, elbow and shell macaroni.

Del Monte Quick-Cook Spaghetti cooks in 4 minutes, perfect for quick dinners & snacks.

Products available only in Philippines.

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