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Our people are our greatest asset and that’s why we ensure they get varied opportunities for professional development, competitive total employee compensation and a dynamic company culture. Many have been with us for years and are happy to share their testimonials.

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R&D, Del Monte USA
10 years of service


"I studied Food Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to create new, healthy, nutritious products for the whole family and Del Monte Foods is a perfect fit. I chose Del Monte Foods because it is a family focused company providing products for the whole family. I think their products are wholesome and in-line with my values for a healthy lifestyle. They are products that I feel good about making for the world. During my ten years in Research & Development in Walnut Creek, I have been able to grow and develop into the professional that I am today. I have worked on our Fruit, Vegetable, and Tomato products, travelling to see our manufacturing plants across the United States and across the world. I think the best part of developing a product is seeing it on the store shelves and knowing that friends and family can purchase it. I can’t wait to see more on the shelves!"


Sales, Del Monte USA
12 years of service


"Twelve years ago I was working in advertising and looking for a career change.  I happened to be in a conversation with a friend and as he explained his job as a Brand Manager at Del Monte, I knew I had found a company where I could excel.  Thus began my tenure with Del Monte as a Marketing Analyst, and it’s been an exciting journey since. The experience I’ve gained from working in Marketing, Category Management, Field Customer Marketing and Sales has been invaluable. I consider myself very fortunate to have held six different roles. I hope I’ve been able to leave a positive impact in each role as every manager and team member I’ve worked with has left on me, I’m thankful to have worked with the best in the industry!"


Packaging R&D, Del Monte USA
10 years of service


"Whenever we go grocery shopping, I visit the aisle where Del Monte products are shelved and, as my daughter became old enough to read, she pointed out one day and said, "Daddy, this is from the company you work for!  Del Monte!  Did you make this?"  She looked at me proudly and asked how I made those products. She picked up one of her favorites—4 oz. Mango Pineapple Fruit Cups. 

Since I graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science, I’ve worked for more than ten years at Del Monte’s Packaging R&D. I truly enjoy working here with so many talented colleagues from various cultural and academic backgrounds.  I believe the Company’s endorsement of diversity has made this organization healthier and it was the glue that bound us through the transitions and challenges.  I appreciate the learning opportunities, whether I am just providing packaging lab services or leading a packaging project myself. I am glad to be a part of Del Monte’s vision to nourish families and enrich lives every day."


Sales, Del Monte Philippines
16 years of service


"Over the years, we have experienced a lot of changes in the FMCG world. This level of dynamism and volatility can be daunting at times, but Del Monte has always found a way to assure its people that every hurdle can be surpassed if we stay grounded in our core values. Our values shape the quality of work we put in day to day in order to meet our goals. These values also foster our culture - a culture of collaboration, coaching and recognition.

What I love about Del Monte is that these attributes are evident even in the most normal of days: You see collaboration during sales cut-offs, new product launches and alignment meetings wherein every person pitches in order to meet the goal. Coaching is also done daily with every interface - be it in a consultation call with a retailer, a new store opening or trade visit. Del Monte is also very keen on recognising the achievements of its employees. This has always been a huge motivation for individuals and teams to take things further."


Plantation Agri-Research, Del Monte Philippines
27 years of service


"Twenty-seven years ago, I aspired to work for Del Monte Philippines because I wanted a more stable and permanent job. This was six years after completing BS Agriculture from the University of The Philippines-Los Banos. Back then, I was grateful to be included in the Supervisory Training Program of Del Monte Plantation in Bukidnon. I fell in love with the Plantation, especially the panoramic scenery, and felt it was a good place to raise a family. Though the years, I’ve worked with many Del Monte employees who are equally passionate about what they do. Like them, I’ve stayed with this Company not only because it’s professionally challenging and fulfilling, but because my family feels this is home for us. This is just like how I felt — 27 years ago. Here in Camp Phillips, we live in a close-knit community rooted in traditional values. Like me, my children prefer to live here and not elsewhere. And I have the feeling that they too will build their families and their careers here at Del Monte."


Cannery Operations, Del Monte Philippines
5 years of service


"I grew up at Del Monte’s pineapple plantation in Bukidnon. Long before I finished my BS Electrical Engineering degree from University of San Carlos, Cebu, I already knew I wanted to work for this Company where my father had worked with pride for nearly 40 years. Even as a young boy, I was impressed at how this Company excelled in business and shared its values with the community. Now, I’m an electrical engineer and full-fledged supervisor (after completing my 2-year Cannery Supervisory Training).  It’s now my time to work side-by-side with driven and talented professionals. I’d say this is the best time to join Del Monte: we have dynamic leaders, diverse products and expanding global markets. Like my father before me, I feel privileged to contribute to our 90-year tradition: of excellence, sharing and shaping the future. That’s why I look forward to a long, exciting and rewarding career here at Del Monte!"


Marketing, Del Monte Philippines
17 years of service


"Del Monte is a company that has a gone a long way and bound to accomplish even bigger things in the future. This is because of its noble goal and mission of ‘Nourishing lives’ which is a highly relevant proposition for people from all ages and all walks of life. This mission works synergistically with the company’s great passion for excellence and success. And this is why we have had success after success which can be attributed to consumer trust on our products and our ability to offer them what they need in the quality that they desire. Del Monte is so much ingrained in our consumer’s lives – from breakfast to dinner, from beverages to meals, from Moms to their families. So proud to be part of all of these!"


Engr. Jestoni Tion
Plantation Operation and former Del Monte - JYC Scholar
27 years of service

Jestoni Tion2

“ I grew up seeing the great pineapple fields of Del Monte along with my 9 siblings raised by my parents Eva Paderanga Tion and Cedric Lugon Tion Sr. Both Del Monte Retirees. Through 27 years of my existence, Del Monte has been a big part of who I am. I graduated in Agricultural Engineering from Xavier University as a JYC Grant-In-Aid Scholar of Del Monte Foundation. It was a challenge to excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities, while managing time and growing competence and discipline but knowing Del Monte was by my side motivated me to strive hard because I know I deserve this blessing.

Now, I am again blessed to be part of the Del Monte team as an East Harvest Supervisor. Because of the benefits of Del Monte, I have finally I tied the knot (April 2018) with my girlfriend of 7 years and now have a baby. All of these blessings wouldn't be possible without the help of Del Monte which opened opportunities for me and my family. To give back the glory, I strive to deliver excellence in Del Monte - where I always dreamt to be. I’m very proud to say, "I AM DEL MONTE."


Department Lead, Cannery Systems Engineering, Del Monte Philippines
11 years of service


"As an electrical engineering student at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City (where I also grew up), I already thought about working for a big company like Del Monte. My EE license was like my ‘passport’ to the Cannery supervisory Training Program. After one-year training, I was assigned to a key production area, where I led some 600 workers on a work shift. I was later moved to Systems Engineering as Supervisor for Industrial Performance Measurement, a new section back then. I liked this new challenge because the job looks into all operating units of our Cannery, giving me an overview of one of the world’s biggest pineapple plants. The early years involved development and establishment of metrics. I’ve seen the importance and relevance of what I’m doing : information system is key to continuous improvement and achievement of business goals. I love my job because I’m doing one of the things that I love to do which is programming. It’s a great thing to get paid (and enjoy many perks) while doing the thing that you love to do. Now, my team works on new systems for efficient operations. It’s not only the work that I like here. The culture encourages professional growth. I've become an active member of the local chapter of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, serving as Board Director four years ago. Many supervisors like me hold key positions in similar organizations. We learn and share our expertise with colleagues – as we look forward to growing our careers here at Del Monte."


Investor Relations,
Del Monte Pacific
18 years of service


"I have been with the company for 18 years and have seen the transformation of Del Monte Pacific from having multiple shareholders before 2006 to having a single majority shareholder with more focus, determination and vision. The company has also transformed from being an Asian story to one that is global, while continuing to exhaust all opportunities for the next stage of sustainable growth. Our leaders inspire us to always aim high, give our best, share ideas, work and win together. I am proud to say that we have won Best Investor Relations and Best Annual Report from the Singapore Corporate Awards. Although DMPL is now a bigger company, it remains true to its values. We feel cared for the way it cares for the communities and the environment. It feels great to work for a company whose vision is to nourish families, enrich lives, every day."


13 years of service


"I have been exposed to international business for over two decades now but there is always something new to learn - new markets, new cultures and new business opportunities. I feel privileged to be working with some of the best talents in the industry. There is ample room for personal development and career growth while new talents are constantly being brought in. This provides a good balance between experience and new ideas.

As a team, we are constantly striving to develop and build the Del Monte and S&W brands in new territories, and to further strengthen our brand position in existing markets. I am very much excited to be able to reinvigorate our business footprint in some potentially key markets where we see tremendous growth potential.

With the new visionary and strategic direction from top management, DMPL is the organisation to belong to. It has been an exciting journey, and will continue to be. Go Del Monte! Go S&W!"


New Product Development, FieldFresh India
10 years of service


"Del Monte is one of the fastest growing FMCG in India and amongst a very few who let chefs handle R&D and product development for them. We are the team that brings alive the vision of the company for creating delightful food experiences for its customers and consumers.

In my current role, I get the opportunity to travel, interact and work with some of the major global food brands. This gives me vast exposure to the latest food and beverage trends. I have benefitted a great deal from the training provided to me in all these years as it has well equipped and empowered me to do my job with excellence.

Del Monte offers both career and personal development. We believe in employee empowerment which gives us ample room for trying new ideas, making mistakes and correcting them on the way.

Del Monte stands for innovative products, speed, food safety and high quality. The integrity and high standards of the company are the core of our working ethics.

I feel proud to be a part of Del Monte family and represent brand "Del Monte" across the world. With the confidence and trust shown in me by the management, I will continue to contribute and strive to take the brand to greater heights."


Sales, Customer Development and Demand Planning, FieldFresh India
9 years of service


"I joined Del Monte nine years back after spending 20 years with Unilever India.

The last nine years have been heady to say the least both from what I could contribute in building a sustainable business in seven years’ time and also the opportunities that the brand and business gave me in transforming myself from just looking at sales to virtually all elements of business and sharpened my abilities to learn and contribute to every aspect of the business.

What fills me with great pride and nostalgia when I look back at the last seven years  - at the distribution we have created both in Modern Trade and Food Service, the deep engagement we have created in Key Accounts and Exports, the quality of people that we appointed and groomed who take on larger and bigger responsibilities, the processes that we set in demand planning and trade marketing to contribute to the front end sales effort – all this fills me with lots of pride of really having honestly made a difference.

There are many things to do and much greater heights to reach for the brand Del Monte in India and armed with the experience, learnings and success of the last seven years, we are in a great position to make our dreams into reality for the Brand and the Business."