People Programmes



We offer varied opportunities for professional development to support both our employees’ and our Company’s growth.


Interns in Del Monte Philippines


Internship Programme

We train and mold students to become thriving professionals of the future!

We have created a roadmap to help our interns be immersed in the business and become contributing members of Del Monte! We are the perfect fit for students who have a strong passion for food, nutrition, wellness, agriculture and technology. We are the best training ground for real work life after college.


Learning & Development Programme

At Del Monte, we nurture you so you can become productive and fruitful in your career.

Our learning and development programmes aim to build relevant knowledge and skills to help you effectively perform your current and identified future role, fulfill your career goals and succeed in the organisation. We provide oppportunities for lifelong learning to help you become an effective leader at work, and even beyond the workplace. From improving your ability to communicate, manage change, resolve conflicts and coach others, Del Monte's goal-oriented development programmes will build your confidence and equip you with the necessasry mindset and skill-set so you can blossom and reach your fullest potential.


Jimmy Coloma
Finance Manager, Del Monte Philippines
4 years of service

Jimmy Coloma

“ Five years ago, I started as an outsourced accountant for Del Monte. Months of hard work later, I was fortunate to formally join the family. I say family because throughout my stay, Del Monte felt like my second home. There is sense of belongingness and camaraderie among people you work with.

We work and champion together to achieve one goal. Every day is a challenge yet professionally rewarding! There is positive reinforcement from peers and superiors to do better (if not excel) which also extends beyond Finance, allowing me to consider different aspects in our industry.

In 2 years, my efforts were recognized. I joined the roster of Del Monte's young leaders and relocated to Cagayan de Oro in search of new challenges. The holistic growth I gained through Del Monte make me eager to welcome challenges the future may bring. The unknown may be daunting but as long as I have my family with me, I look forward to more years ! ”


Plantation Operations, Del Monte Philippines
7 years of service


“In Bukidnon, Del Monte is perhaps the most prestigious company name. When I was studying BS Agricultural Engineering in Central Mindanao University, many classmates wished to work for Del Monte. After passing the Licensure Examination for Agricultural Engineers, I applied and earned a slot on the Plantation Supervisory Programme. It’s a hands-on programme where you get to learn agri-practices (1 year) and leadership basics (½ year). It was hard, but it prepared me well for the job ahead. In four years, I’ve handled different phases of our operations – from seed collection and planting to growing pineapples. Now I lead nearly 100 workers in one of our expansion sites. I had personally asked to be transferred to this site : I love the Pioneer’s Challenge, where you get to grow new fields. The place also brings me closer to my wife and two children. Family inspires me, gets me more efficient at work. I think Del Monte will be my first and last employer.”


Cannery Operations, Del Monte Philippines
10 years of service


“Building my career at Del Monte has been both exciting and challenging. I’ve seen myself grow over the years. Mine is a journey from being a fresh graduate in mechanical engineering of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) in my hometown of Iligan (Lanao del Norte) to being a system engineer in one of the biggest companies in Iligan City, then finally to Cagayan de Oro (an hour’s drive away) where you can find one of the world’s largest pineapple canneries. Today, I manage around 500 workers in our packaging and warehousing operations. Here, creativity thrives and innovations are welcome. I’ve gained a sense of fulfillment from helping others grow. Looking forward, I see many opportunities where each employee can contribute to building our global competitiveness.

Our culture is deeply rooted in people, giving us a reassuring sense of Family. We feel well-covered, with fringe benefits considered among the country’s best. Our loved ones learn and grow with us through company-organized social programmes. Looking back, I know I’ve made the right choice.”