Suppliers are key partners for our business. They are our lifeline to offering quality, tasty and healthy products. We aim to grow together profitably and sustainably.


Tomatoes for our factory in Hanford, California


Supplier Relations

Del Monte believes in enriching the lives of our Business Partners – suppliers, service providers, consultants and agencies that help achieve our business objectives. We believe that in order for us to prosper, it is our responsibility to ensure our business partners prosper as well. Our business partners have to be one with us, and believe in our vision, mission and values and to implement sustainable practices in their operations – be mindful of their employees’ safety and well being, their community, customers and be responsible stewards of our environment.

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Supplier Selection

We acknowledge the importance of building a sound relationship with our suppliers. Accordingly, we shall conduct business with all suppliers on the basis of integrity, mutual interest and fairness.

United States

In the United States, we have a Supplier Code of Conduct that applies to any entity providing goods or services, including suppliers and sub-contractors. The objective is for suppliers to practice and uphold ethical business standards. The Company performs periodic audits of contract manufacturers and certain direct suppliers, some independent and unannounced audits are used to address quality assurance and compliance issues. Furthermore, we prohibit the practice of forced and child labour.

Del Monte’s Supplier Diversity Programme enables small and diverse businesses to be considered fairly as subcontractors and suppliers. It is our policy to seek out opportunities to buy from these suppliers where price, quality, and delivery of service are competitive.


In selecting suppliers, Del Monte in the Philippines uses its Supplier Quality Management Programme (SQMP). The SQMP assesses the quality and delivery performance, feedback, recognition and continuous improvement programme for all direct materials suppliers and toll manufacturers.

The SQMP was launched in April 2008 for direct materials suppliers and later applied to toll manufacturers as an aid to help in the selection of best suppliers for the Company.

The Company also has a Code of Conduct that our Business Partners must abide when engaging the Company.