Nurturing Employees



We are a people-driven organisation committed to health and wellness, reinforcing occupational safety and well-being, especially during the pandemic


 Joselito D Campos Jr, Del Monte Pacific Chief Executive Officer, visiting line workers in the Bugo cannery

Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL) is a people-driven organisation committed to health and wellness, reinforcing safety and well-being especially during the pandemic. Close to 5,800 full-time regular employees of the Group work at our plantation, manufacturing facilities, administrative and marketing offices across locations. About 4,300 are employees based in the Philippines and Singapore, while about 1,500 regular employees work in the United States and Mexico.


                              Del Monte Leadership Team in the Philippines led by Luis F Alejandro, Chief Operating Officer


 Our workforce in the US complying with safety protocols


Occupational Health and Safety








“Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.”

Anne M Mulcahy, Chairman and CEO

Because we value the safety of every member of the organisation, work committees identify potential safety risks and devise action plans to mitigate or avoid them. Safety programmes are implemented and process improvements are likewise made.

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Field workers in Bukidnon, Philippines

1. Refer to “Employee Health and Safety” under our Pandemic Response                  section on page 71 of our FY2020 Annual Report.

2. In FY2020, the Group’s Total Incident Rate (TIR) is 0.87and total injuries were      reduced by 3% vs prior period. DMFI TIR is below the most recent Bureau of        Labour Statistics (2015) TIR of 5.2 for the fruit and vegetable canning                    industry. DMPI Manufacturing TIR is also below that of the Philippine                   Statistics Authority (2015) TIR data of 4.25 for the manufacturing sector.

3. DMPL facilities in the US and the Philippines have emergency response                teams and plans in case of crisis. They conduct regular Emergency                         Preparedness Drills to prepare all employees for emergencies and natural          disasters.

4. DMPI conducted the mandatory 8-hour workplace health and safety                    orientation for employees and service providers in all its facilities in                      compliance with the safety regulation of the Department of Labour and              Employment.

5. Our managers and supervisors ensure compliance with relevant workplace        safety laws and regulations.

6. DMPI audits its toll manufacturers regularly for compliance with all laws and      regulations governing the workplace, including Occupational Safety and              Health Regulations.

7. The Bottling Plant conducted a First Aid Training to ensure that the plant is           ready in case of medical

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CBA signing with Luis F Alejandro, Chief Operating Officer, Frank T Molas, Mindanao Operations Head, and the cannery and plantation labour union


Human Rights and Labour Standards

With regard to human rights and labour standards, the Group has a Code of Conduct for employees and suppliers. Both Del Monte Foods, Inc (DMFI) and Del Monte Philippines, Inc (DMPI) are members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Discrimination on the grounds of nationality, ethnicity, religion, age and gender are not in line with the Group’s Code of Business Ethics.

1. DMFI established a Diversity Leadership Council to influence and provide            thought leadership in building a more diverse and inclusive company, where      every person is respected, valued, and can bring their best self to work. We        call this Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DI&B).

2. Del Monte in the US made a donation to the National Association for the            Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and National Black Farmers                  Association.

3. Both companies in the US and the Philippines have seasonal and staff                  position employees who are part of labour unions.

4. In the past few years, the number of women in senior leadership roles                increased to 37% in FY2020. Similarly, the number of diverse employees in          DMFI senior leadership increased from 18% to 42%.

5. Del Monte has a Human Rights policy that is in line with the UN Guiding              Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Bill of Human            Rights and the International Labour Organization Core Convention on                  Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Please refer to pages 38-39 of          our FY2020 Sustainability Report for more details.

6. DMPI performs periodic audits of contract manufacturers and suppliers.             Some independent and unannounced audits are used to address                         compliance issues.

7. Labour-Management Cooperation (LMC) councils meet regularly to decide          on issues affecting employees, their families, the Company and the                      communities where we opearate.

8. The Company pays workers above minimum wage and average industry               rates and informs them about the terms and conditions of employment               prior to their appointment.

9. Our farm and production facilities employ people from surrounding                    communities and they undergo annual physical examination.

10. LMCs prepare the groundwork for negotiations between union and                      Management.

Basic Management Program

Del Monte employees in the Philippines


Fair Wages and Benefits

We are also committed that employees get fair wages and benefits. Del Monte complements government-mandated privileges for all full-time employees and qualified dependents with a broad range of benefits such as a comprehensive retirement package, vacation and sick leaves, and insurance benefits.

1. DMFI designs employee benefits that provide employees the ability to select      a package of coverage that meets their unique needs and their dependents.

2. We offer additional benefits that help our employees improve their quality          of life, including an adoption assistance programme, community service day      allocation (one volunteer day time-off per year), product donations and                floating holidays (at designated locations).

3. In the Philippines, Del Monte provides benefits better than the minimum            prescribed by the Department of Labour and Employment.

4. Memorandums of agreement with the labour unions in the Philippines                stipulate wage increases and enhancements in benefits for farm and factory      workers from year to year.

5. Plantation employees live with their families in about 1,300 Group-owned          houses and 22 dormitories for unmarried employees.

6. Employee-organised cooperatives provide our workers with services that            enhance economic benefits for their families such as annual dividends.

7. Children of cannery employees enjoy free year-round weekend tutorials in          sports - basketball, tennis, swimming, martial arts - and creative skills -                photography, theatre arts.


Employees in the US packing products for charity


Employee Engagement




"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home."

Betty Bender, Author

Building a culture of engagement is a continuing journey. It requires commitment from everyone in the organisation. The Group involves employees in various activities that promote a healthy work-life integration. The Group’s commitment to engagement is a journey worth taking. It is one way we nourish our employees, enrich lives, every day.


S&W Singapore employees’ book donation drive for a library in Bukidnon, Philippines

We strive to build a culture of engagement across the organisation.

1. Our US facilities and corporate employees are actively involved in                          contributing time and money to organisations that focus on farm advocacy,        feeding programmes, environmental stewardship, disaster relief, education        and youth activities.

2. DMPI established the Employee Council in Cabuyao Bottling Plant to provide      a venue for discourse on thriving and healthy work environment in the                Philippines.

3. Our enhanced online HR Information System, SAP SuccessFactors, enable          fast and accurate employment transactions.

4. Through the Foundation, employees in the Philippines raised funds for the        victims of the Taal volcano that erupted in January 2020.

5. We also collaborated with Rise Against Hunger Philippines by contributing          products to its feeding programme in Taguig, Philippines.

6. Other employee engagement initiatives include the cooperative stores in the      plantation where employees can purchase company products at a discount.

7. We cascaded our Del Monte CHOICE Values to employees across all levels,          locations and divisions.

8. The Human Resources Department conducts employee engagement                    activities such as social gatherings, Teambuilding, Fun Day, Sports Fest and        Christmas Party.

Fun - Bike Amy Nick

Employees in the US participate in DMFI's annual "Bike-to-Work" Day


Well-being and Work-life Integration

The Group promotes work-life integration to ensure the employees’ well-being, mental health and productivity.

1. DMFI creates a welcoming workplace to maintain a healthy work-life                    balance.

2. The Company supports wellness programmes to enhance the                                employees’ well-being.

3. The Company sponsors employees in pursuit of healthier lifestyles and                 provides financial assistance for health and well-being programmes.

4. The Company sets up various sports and exercise activities such as running,      zumba and yoga. We also provide summer programmes for employees’              dependents.

5. The Company sponsors events such as Summer Outing, DMPI Day,                      Halloween and “Tigum Sa Pasko” (Christmas assembly), where employees            can bring their families.

6. The Company conducts a series of Pre-Retirement Seminars to help near-          retiring employees effectively plan and manage the key stages of the                    transition process and make more informed decisions for a secure and                rewarding retirement.

Employees 5

Talent Management

We nurture our employees through training by building on the capabilities of each employee in line with one of our core values – Championing Together. Del Monte in the Philippines developed a competency framework for key leaders that guide their teams towards achieving the Company’s strategic roadmap.

1. The Group’s average training hours per employee for FY2020 was 20.8 hours      per employee, lower than previous year due to social distancing and mass          gathering regulations implemented by the government.

2. DMFI offers an Education Assistance Programme to help employees                    enhance their careers.

3. Some types of DMFI training are:

    a. Internal learning opportunities, wherein managers work closely with                    employees

    b. External programmes and professional certifications, supported via                      seminars, conferences or other specialised workshops

    c. External university courses through the Del Monte Employee Education                Assistance Programme.

4. The Company has a management succession plan to ensure that trained            candidates can assume responsibilities of key management positions in the        event of vacancy.

5. DMPI’s GR8 (Great) Del Monte Leadership Competency Model works as our        guide in enabling our leaders to coach and collaboratively lead teams                  towards achieving the Company’s operational and business goals.

6. Each Competency Framework also serves as a foundation for broad-range          people programmes on recruitment, learning, career development,                      succession planning and performance management.

7. Fully supported by an OPCOM Corporate Faculty, our in-house Basic                    Management Programme enables managers to adapt to dynamic business        situations and changes to people, process, culture and mindset.

8. The Company’s Moving Up to Supervision Series complement formal                     technical training, coaching and intensive on-the-job experience provided           via structured Cannery Operations and Plantation Operations Supervisory           Training Programmes.

9. We cascaded the new Performance Management Development System to          managers and up with direct reports.