Nurturing Employees



We are a people-driven organisation committed to growing wellness and a high quality of life through healthy working relationships.


DMPL Managing Director and CEO Joselito D Campos, Jr visiting Cannery staff in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines


Our employees are our most valuable resource. Some 6,100 regular employees work at our plantation, manufacturing facilities, and administrative and marketing offices in the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Philippines, India and Singapore.


Employees in our fruit cup factory in Modesto, California


Healthy Work Environment

We are committed to fundamental human rights and adherence to labour standards. Our farm and production facilities employ people from surrounding villages. Workers are paid above average rates in the industry, and are informed of the terms and conditions of employment prior to their appointment. They undergo annual medical examinations or whenever required. Child and forced labour and any other form of exploitation are not practised.

Discrimination on the grounds of nationality, ethnic group, religion, age and gender is against the Group’s Code of Business Ethics.

We are mindful of our employees’ health and safety. Our company provides an ongoing safety training of plantation, cannery employees and enforce the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) required in performing their assigned duties and responsibilities. Work committees identify potential safety improvements and concerns to ensure workplace health and safety.

The Jose Y Campos Centre building where our office in Manila is located was certified LEED Silver by the USBGC. The building provides employees with a safe and healthy work environment. The building boasts itself as energy and water efficient and uses materials safe for building occupants. Our office design promotes collaboration and better communication among employees.

The health and safety of our employees are of paramount concern to the Group. We strive to provide a workplace free of preventable hazards and to comply with all laws and regulations governing workplace safety and health, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Our managers and supervisors are expected to keep abreast of and understand the workplace safety laws and regulations that apply to their areas of responsibility and ensure compliance with these provisions.


Training and Development

Our Company cultivates a culture of excellence as we continue to encourage our people to innovate and strive for continuous improvement. We recognise there is great potential inside of everyone in the organisation and we nurture this by providing an environment that supports learning and growth.

Professional development is an integral part of our performance management system and links to our vision, mission, core values and competencies. Our leaders and managers take an active role in employee development and help team members fulfill career goals by constantly providing opportunities for learning and growth. Employees are encouraged to participate in programmes and activities that contribute to their ability to deliver value and ensure further growth and success for themselves and the Company.

  • Managers work closely with employees to structure appropriate on-the-job activities (ie job shadowing, rotational stretch assignments, special projects, etc) to meet identified developmental needs.
  • Managers and employees jointly create career “roadmaps” that take into account employee interests and aspirations as well as the organisation’s business needs.
  • Competency Assessments aid manager and employee in identifying learning and development needs to be addressed by a targeted individual development plan.
  • Managers conduct regular performance coaching discussions with employee throughout the year that support achievement of operational targets and development plans.

We offer development programmes and activities that enable our employees to meet organisational objectives, enhance their careers, and consistently deliver a high level of performance.  

  • Internal and external training programmes enhance leadership, management, technical and functional skills.
  • Professional Certification can be acquired through specialised trainings and workshops.
  • Employees who wish to pursue further studies are supported by the Company through its Employee Education Assistance Programme. Eligible employees receive financial assistance for approved courses of study at accredited educational institutions. 

Technical training facilities on-site help employees upgrade technical and functional skills. At “PineU” (Pineapple University), plantation personnel hone farming expertise through formal sessions, benchmarking trips, and field immersion programs. “ManU” (Manufacturing University) is a breakthrough for cannery staff to reorient on processes and adapt to new technologies. On the faculty are our senior managers who count among leading experts in their respective fields. Similar development programmes are implemented in Finance through its Finance University, Customer Development’s ACAD, and Marketing’s Brand Leadership University (BLU). 

In Del Monte, we commit to grow our people as much as we do our business. We embrace our role as people growth partners and continually endeavour to nurture an agile and highly proactive human resource that will sustain our growing business and organisation for the long haul.


Birthday celebration for employees



Employee benefits in the USA are designed to provide employees the flexibility to select a package of coverage that meets their unique needs. Benefits are available to employees and their dependents, including children, spouses, and domestic partners. Benefits may include: medical, dental, and vision insurance; short and long-term disability insurance; life insurance; paid time off for vacation and holidays; savings plans; and employee assistance programmes. In addition, we offer additional benefits that we believe help our employees improve their quality of life including an adoption assistance programme, community service day allocation (one volunteer day time-off per year), matching gifts donations, and floating holidays (at designated locations).

Our workforce enjoys one of the most attractive compensation and benefit packages granted to agro-industrial workers in the Philippines. Complementing government-mandated privileges for all employees and qualified dependents is a broad range of free medical and dental services, a comprehensive retirement package, and voluntary plans for providential and insurance benefits.

Plantation employees live with their families in Group-owned houses and dormitories (for unmarried employees) within housing camps complete with social hall, chapel, playground and plaza, day care centre, primary and secondary schools, camp clinics and a 100-bed hospital managed by a medical service provider. Employee-organised cooperatives provide our workers with services that enhance economic benefits for their families. Cooperative members enjoy annual dividends and patronage refunds.

Children of cannery employees enjoy free year-round weekend tutorials on basketball and, as scheduled, other sports (tennis, swimming, martial arts) and creative skills (photography, theatre arts). Core values are introduced through learning exposure that help them grow a strong sense of community and family life.


Company summer event with the family



The Group’s strategies and accomplishments as presented to the Operations Committee during the Annual State-of-the-Business Meeting are cascaded to all employee levels through various forms of formal and informal information sharing in divisional, departmental and team assemblies.

Our news magazine called “Tidbits” and a digital edition called “FreshCut” feature key operational goals and programmes, team achievements, environmental initiatives, community outreach efforts, and individual stories that highlight our core values. A quarterly wall poster called “Pinikit,” written in a Philippine dialect commonly understood in our areas of operations, provides information on our business thrusts and social programmes for the community.


Employees performing during one of the company’s events


Employee Engagement

As part of the ongoing employee engagement programmes, our employees were involved in various activities that promote a healthy work-life balance.

The Del Monte family prides itself in giving back to the community. It has become our tradition which started back when the first pineapple was planted in the 1920’s. To this day, Del Monte employees keep this tradition as we visit various communities. The Group’s employees volunteer their time to help make lives better for the less fortunate, our way of being a blessing to others.

Our US facilities and corporate employees are actively involved in contributing time and money to organisations that serve:

  • Medical research
  • Education
  • Natural disaster
  • Special needs
  • Youth activities
  • Veteran support

To further support our communities and employees, we offer employees the option to take one paid day off per year to volunteer for the non-profit organisation of their choice. Employees may also request and receive a matching donation to their charitable financial contributions.

Our US employees have the option to take one paid day off per year to volunteer for the non-profit organisation of their choice

Each employee believes in having a sound mind and sound body. It is part of our employees’ healthy lifestyle. Competition on various sporting events in Manila, the Cannery and Plantation are held each year. These sporting events extend to the employees’ dependents in summer during school break. Programmes include sports, music, arts outreach and eco-projects that promote positive values to the children. Other employee activities include tree planting activities, fitness classes, summer outing, Halloween and Christmas parties, the Brown Bag lifestyle series focus on employee health.

As a way to improve employee communication, our Human Resources Department in the Philippines has enhanced our online HRIS system called MyHR. It is an online system that maximises technology for fast and accurate employment transactions. Employees can access and update their personal data, online application of leaves, benefits, certificate of employment, view corporate announcements, download HR forms, policies and videos, and update and monitor employee performance.

Other employee engagement initiatives by the company are the Montee stores, where employees can purchase DMPL products at a discount, and the Montee Pass, a tie-up with various restaurants and stores for employee discounts and privileges. These programmes aim to help each employee achieve great results for the organisation.

Building a culture of engagement is an ongoing journey. It requires commitment from everyone in the organisation. We know that with the Group’s commitment to engagement, it is a journey worth taking. It is one way we nourish our employees, enrich lives, everyday!


Cannery CBA signing in Cebu City, Philippines


Labour-Management Cooperation

In the Philippines, Labour-Management Cooperation (LMC) councils meet regularly to discuss and decide issues affecting employees, their families, the Group and the community. Memorandums of agreement with three key labour unions stipulate wage increases and enhancements in benefits for farm and factory workers from year to year. An LMC Day enjoins plantation union members to celebrate ‘wins’, including innovations whose benefits have created ripples beyond their own families.

LMCs prepare the ground for efficient and short negotiations between Union and Management, as manifested in the signing of two memorandums of agreements covering enhanced economic and social benefits for close to 3,000 employees at the plantation and cannery in the Philippines this year.